Relief Houseparenting in Conqueror’s Hall

BY ERMA JUDD Thursday found me in Conqueror’s Hall, one of our girl’s residential homes. I was scheduled to do relief houseparenting through Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. 05-28-09-AWow! There were several new with whom I had not had the opportunity to become well-acquainted. A couple of them were having a difficult time adjusting to their new home. It had been several months since my husband and I had houseparented, and a couple of thoughts were going through my mind as I entered this volunteer voluntary assignment. Would I do okay and how would the girls respond to me? I recently had read a Scripture in my devotional time that came to my mind: “If you search for good, you will find favor” (Proverbs 11:27). Sometimes the good in a situation or a person is not obvious; you must search for it. However, it’s worth the effort. I learned that you discover what you looking for. If I focus on the good, I will find favor with other people as well as my circumstances. I wasn’t in Conquerors for an hour until I knew we were going to have a good time! Little Shelby was my sidekick. Everywhere I went on campus, she wanted to go. I was so delighted to observe that the older girls took time to play with Shelby and help her with her workbook. They fixed her hair and supervised her cleaning her room. Their patience with a 7-year-old was incredible. 05-28-09-BEach of the girls pitched in to help around the home. Rachelle took it upon herself to do the general laundry and reminded the girls when they needed to do their personal laundry. Skylar helped her two roommates keep their clothes and things organized in their room. Kimberly helped wash the dishes after each meal, and Tosha swept and mopped the floor each day. Makayla made sure the bathroom was clean and did a lot of extra chores around the house on her own. Hannah vacummed the living room and hall and even cleaned out the van on Saturday. Brianna watered the plants on the front porch. All the girls were such a help to me making the days go by so smoothly. I laughed so much with the girls. They are so funny and loveable, and get along so well together. 05-28-09-COn Saturday, Steve and I took them to Memphis to the Imax and then to eat at a Mexican Restaurant. We even went to Sheridan’s for frozen custard. They were so appreciative of everything we did for them and thoroughly enjoyed the day. One of their favorite things to do - even the 18-year-old - is to get sidewalk chalk and draw and write on the sidewalks and front drive. If you were to visit the Mansion, as you would drive onto the campus you would no doubt see all their artwork for the day on display. These are awesome girls that have great futures! I can’t wait to see where God will take each one of them. I searched for the good, and I found a lot of it! I also found kindness, helpfulness, patience, and lots of love in each and every one of them! And I am a better person for getting to know them better!