Teenager raises $1,600 for Mansion Sunday!

Tiffany Lance, age 16, visited the Mansion this morning from Newellton, Louisiana to present me with a $1,600 check for TCM. She was accompanied by her pastor and wife, Bro. and Sis. James Tate, as well as her grandmother. When Tiffany found out about Mansion Sunday from her pastor, she became burdened to do something to make a difference in the lives of the children at TCM. I asked her how she raised all this money, and she told me, "I baked." Actually, she started out by baking some brownies, cookies and Rice Krispy treats, and people started placing their orders. As people supported her in this effort, she was able to exceed her original goal of $1,000 by $600.00. After presenting me with the offering, Tiffany was given a tour of the Mansion and was able to visit with some of the children. Her pastor, Bro. Tate, told me that when she saw a photo of our children in church this past Sunday, she cried. Thank you, Tiffany. You are a special young lady. It was an honor to me you. I pray that God will abundantly bless you, and I know that he will!