“Thank You” from Amber Sue

BY STEPHEN JUDD, PRESIDENT I want to share a testimony that was recently posted on Facebook by a former resident who left the Mansion about five years ago. With her permission, here it is:543105_4162049131929_5261876_n "Thirteen years ago my life was turned upside down and I found myself at Tupelo Children's Mansion. I spent the next six years there being lead and guided by those who were willing to sacrifice and say “yes” to ministry. I am so thankful for a man of God with a burden and a dream to start a ministry known as Tupelo Children's Mansion! “Thank you” to all those I met and became friends with. You will never know the influence you had in my life." As you can see, TCM did make a difference in this young ladies life. But we couldn’t have done it without you and others like you. We are so thankful, and so are the children. Several new children have already arrived this year. Please pray that they will one day have testimonies similar to Amber’s.