The Bike Can Wait!

I received the following letter last week and felt to share it with our blog readers. It speaks for itself... Dear Brother and Sister Judd, You may not remember us, but we visited the Mansion twice during 2008 and helped with SFC Hall and some painting at the guest house. We are also Special Kid Sponsors. We enjoyed out time there very much and are sad that we have not been able to make the trip this year. The Mansion showed much kindness to us, especially under the care of Jim Mekash. Our reason for writing is to send the enclosed donation. Recently, we have been shopping for a new bike for (our son) so that he can ride longer distances. Today we found a bike for him that he like at a very reasonable price. We were close to making the decision, but decided to wait. Before church tonight, we read the "current appeal" on theĀ website. It was then that He decided that he did not need a new bike. There are greater needs. The check is for the amount we were going to spend on the bike. TCM will always hold a special place in our hearts and prayers. Please tell everyone that we say "hello." God bless, (I have chosen to withhold the name)