The Hands Of God

BY STEPHEN JUDD PRESIDENT The following letter was recently sent to the Illinois District UPCI by Brent Coltharp, District Superintendent and TCM Board Member. The story he shares of his son giving sacrificially to Tupelo Children's Mansion touched my heart, and I wanted to pass it along. Tupelo Children's Mansion is the embodiment of James 1:27, "Pure and undefiled religion before God...".  It is a place where we become the hands of God to the most vulnerable of society, children.  The Illinois District has had a relationship with TCM that began at its inception, one that we are blessed to be able to continue in the present. There are many great ministries that we can be a part of, ministries that are trying to make a difference in this sinful and broken society. Yet, TCM is a ministry where not only the physical, emotional and social needs are met, but the most important need of all, their spiritual needs, are addressed. During these times of economic difficulty, please consider what your church or your family could do to be a blessing to those who are less fortunate.  Last week, Lincoln, my eight year-old son approached me with tears in his eyes, requesting to give a hundred dollars from his Christmas and birthday money to TCM.  Along with the First Apostolic Church of Aurora, the church I am blessed to pastor, my family has personally sponsored children at TCM for some time now, and we are richer for it.  It has been such a great experience to witness my children learn the blessing of giving to those who are in greater need, to discover the blessing and favor of God that is in giving, rather than focusing on what we want or what we don't have. It is important that we not only speak out on behalf of life, we must support it with our resources.   For information on how you can support Tupelo Children's Mansion, go to If you would like, you can follow us on Twitter: @stephenjudd @ermajudd @mansionkids