The Mark of Excellence


The “Mark of Excellence” use to be the logo of General Motors, which is known for manufacturing quality automobiles and trucks. If you are old enough to remember, you would think of GM when you heard this phrase. There is a man by the name of Clifton Royer, from Dequincy, Louisiana, that has an excellent spirit and does everything with excellence. He leaves a “Mark of Excellence” on the work that he does at Tupelo Children’s Mansion.

Bro. Royer arrives once a year at TCM with a trailer full of tools and one requirement—that we keep him busy from dawn to “dark thirty,” as he calls it. He was here for ten days in May, and he accomplished so much in such a short period of time that it was mind boggling.

One of the major projects that we had was the remodeling of the boy’s bathroom in Cole-Morgan Residence Hall. Putting up new wall board and covering it with a white, plastic fiberglass paneling made the bathroom look so nice and clean.

On a humorous note, after repairing the shower drains in Cole-Morgan, Bro. Royer wanted to check for leaks, so he looked around for a stopper but didn’t see anything he could use, and then remembered seeing Irish potatoes in the pantry. You guessed it, it worked perfectly, and he has a picture to prove it. From building gates, fixing siding and awnings, and repairing walls, he leaves his mark—the “Mark of Excellence.” We are thankful for men like Bro. Royer, that give of their time and energy to make such quality improvements to the Tupelo Children’s Mansion.