The Thought Does Count

BY MARGO BURTON SPECIAL ASSISTANT We have all heard the saying, “It is the thought that counts.” It is a cliché that people speak daily when gifts are given. Tupelo Children’s Mansion receives gifts and blessings from friends and sponsors each day. Every gift is accepted with gratitude to further the work that continues to go on each day. We love and appreciate our supporters. Recently, we received a gift from a group of children in Vacation Bible School. Children from the community of Delhi, Louisiana, brought an offering each night for a contest between the boys and girls. I am sure when the word, “contest” was spoken; the group of boys and girls just knew that they were going to be the winner! Pastor Shane Lester, from Pentecost Tabernacle, said “The girls won the contest hands down, and they got to smear the boys with shaving cream!” One thousand dollars was presented to TCM from this precious group of young people. These children wanted to help children who were less fortunate. These children were not thinking about the money that they had collected, but they were excited to enter this contest with the “thought” in mind, the thought of helping others. They may have given from their piggy banks or maybe they gave up a soda for the day. “The thought does count” each day as children and adults do what they can to help this ministry. Thank you, Pentecost Tabernacle, and those of you who have given to this great ministry. Follow Margo Burton on Twitter: @mvburton