By Stephen Judd I just read a breaking news story that the Atlanta police found the body of a newborn baby buried under trash in a dumpster in northeast Atlanta. I cannot imagine what would cause a mother or father to throw their child away like unwanted garbage. Did the child suffocate under the refuse, or was the child murdered and then discarded? Perhaps we will never know. Stories like this are heart-wrenching. Unfortunately, there are untold numbers of unwanted children in our society that are abandoned, molested, mistreated, or neglected every single day. It could be happening in your neighborhood or even the house next door. I wish somebody could have gotten to the mother in Atlanta before this tragic occurrence and informed her that there is a special place nestled in the rolling hills of northeast Mississippi that would have taken in her child. You see, part of what we do here at Tupelo Children's Mansion is to provide loving care for unwanted children. Certainly, this is not always the case. Some children are placed with us because they have been orphaned and there is no other family member to take them in, or perhaps there is some other unfortunate tragedy or difficult circumstance, and it is simply in the best interest of the children to be at TCM. However, the sad reality is that many of our children are unwanted. Some of our children have parents and relatives that never come to see them while they are here. The promised letters are infrequent and the anticipated phone visits seldom happen, if ever. I'll never forget a prayer request that crossed my desk from one of our teenage girls... "Pastor, would you please pray that my father or fifth step-mother would either call me or come and visit me?" Thank you for partnering with us in this "pure religion" cause of being a father to the fatherless. https://mansionkids.org/