Young At Heart

BY MARGO BURTON SPECIAL ASSISTANT “Gardener, golfer, grandfather shows no signs of slowing at 88,” was the headline of the article in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal just a month ago. Rev. Edwin Judd, father of Stephen Judd, President of Tupelo Children’s Mansion, had just turned 88 on May 3, 2011. He was featured in featured article as one who  was elderly and active in his community. They could not have picked a better candidate than Elder Judd, affectionately known around TCM and Life Church as, “Papaw” or “Elder." Unless Elder tells you his age, you would never be able to guess that he was nearing 90. Officially, at Tupelo Children's Mansion, Elder does the payroll, assists with the accounting process and also has accepted the roll as Human Resource Manager. He also helps keep the flowers watered and fed around campus.  He is at his desk daily unless he is in St. Louis where he still maintains a position as an Honorary Member of the Foreign Missions Board of the United Pentecostal Church International. He also slips away to Texas from time to time to visit his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He amazes us when a church workday is called, as Life Church transitions to a new location. Elder is always there, hanging sheet rock, holding ladders, or painting walls. When asked what his secret was to keeping young, he commented, “People say the way to keep young is to associate with young people, not to try to keep up with them. This beats sitting at home in a rocking chair.” He also stated that, “He believes one reason he’s lived so long—and and so well—is his genes. The last thing he said to the Daily Journal was, “I’ve tried to take good care of myself. I’m not obsessed with it. I just try to do things right and moderately. Mostly, I’d like to say God is good, and has been good to me. I take no credit for myself.” It was an honor for Elder Judd to be featured in the Daily Journal. What a testimony on staying active while giving God the glory. We are honored each day to be a part of Elder’s life. It is a privilege to work with him each day. He continues to teach his family and his Mansion family how to live a good life while serving God.   Follow on Facebook & Twitter: Marguerite Burton / @mvburton Edwin Judd / @edwinjudd