BY STEPHEN JUDD A precious young lady came to the Mansion right before Christmas last year. She was not abused in the typical sense, but she was terribly unhappy and not functioning well within her home. She was the second oldest of six children, three of which had been adopted by the family. Sherry is a beautiful young lady who has won our hearts with her sweet disposition and gentle spirit. She didn’t have a strong Christian background upon arrival, but we are happy to report that she was recently baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Ghost. Just a few months ago, Sherry was inconsolable after reading a letter from home. As she read the letter, she began to cry and begged us to not to send her home. She went on to explain that she has never been hap4ColorLogopier than she is now, since coming to the Mansion. “Everyone loves me here, and they treat me with such kindness,” she said. We found out in therapy that Sherry’s story is even more tragic than we knew initially. Prior to adoption at an extremely young age, Sherry had been “sold” for sex with men by her biological mother. She often has nightmares of these horrific experiences. If you saw Sherry today, you would never imagine that this was her past life. She smiles at everyone and is always willing to give a hug to her “sisters” and other female staff members. She is shy and a little self conscious, but is so endearing and sweet that you simply cannot fathom her being abused in such a sinister manner. For the first time in her life, she is doing well in school, and we are so pleased with the progress she has made, both academically and emotionally, while being in our care. Please pray for Sherry and other young people and children just like her. I can’t imagine where Sherry would be today if we had not reached out to her when she needed us the most. You can help make it possible for other boys or girls to have a loving and caring home, and to overcome the past problems in their lives while reaching for their full potential. Would you ask the Lord if He would lead you to reach out and help His work among these children? To support TCM with a special offering, go to, or mail your check to TCM, PO Box 167, Tupelo, MS 38802.