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More Sacred Than Secular

Lastest Blog Update by Stephen Judd, TCM President & CEO (originally posted at

More Sacred Than Secular

Tupelo Children’s Mansion is a faith-based institution, in the apostolic pentecostal tradition, and our emphasis is more on the sacred than the secular. We teach and practice biblical doctrine and principles.

During our worship service on the campus this morning, it was my delight to re-baptize Kaiah, one of our young ladies at the Mansion.13912584_10207234989735451_7544507225834838827_n

Kaiah was baptized when she was a 3-year-old and explained to me that at that young age she didn’t fully understand the significance of water baptism, and asked me if I would baptize her again.

I remember my own father sharing with me how that he was re-baptized as a teenager, for the same reason. As I told the church this morning, it’s not that the first baptism didn’t count with God, but that the experience should really count with us.

Before baptizing Kaiah, I preached a doctrinal message on the importance of being water baptized in the name of Jesus, according to the Scriptures. And by the way, if it’s essential, it should be urgent!

We now have three more children wanting to be baptized, and will do so as soon as we check on any needed permissions. One of them just recently received the Holy Ghost!13939564_10207234989775452_7021729742009428932_n

Pray for Kaiah and her brother, who is also at the Mansion. They lost their mother to cancer a few weeks ago.