Preparing Children for the Future

The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be a challenging and uncertain time for any teenager, but for those living at TCM, the journey toward independence may be especially complex. TCM recognizes the need for proper support and guidance, which is why we offer transitional care coaching and support services to the children in our care who are nearing adulthood. Through these services, we seek to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to prepare for independent living. The type of transitional coaching and support required can look a little different for each individual, depending on how long they have lived at TCM and their age when they came to us. We tailor these services to each child and, when appropriate, their families, in order to have the most positive impact on their lives. Areas we focus on during transitional care coaching and support include

High School

TCMA utilizes Acellus Academy’s accredited online homeschool program to ensure that our high school students earn credit for their classes in order to obtain a high school degree. We work most purposefully with juniors and seniors to ensure that they have the credits they need to graduate on time. For students who are unable to complete the traditional high school degree, we will assist them through the process of getting their GED. Children also participate in life skills training through classes, camps, and programs that allow them to learn skills necessary for adulthood and independent living.

Student Work and Volunteer Programs

Students who are 16 and older can apply and interview for our on-campus student work program. If approved and hired, they get paid to do jobs assisting in cleaning, maintenance, and our on-site daycare. TCM also provides volunteer opportunities for students on-campus and in the community. We partner with Habitat for Humanity, and some of our students and staff work with them a couple of times a month.

College Preparation

For 11th and 12th grade students who are interested in pursuing higher education, we offer dual-credit courses through our local community college, Itawamba Community College, which is located only two miles from our campus. All coursework is completed online except for midterms and finals, which are administered in-person at the community college. We also help students register and prepare for the SAT, and we provide transportation to testing sites. We work with students to explore their college, scholarship, and financial options and assist them with these application processes. Itawamba Community College shares a facility with Ole Miss-Tupelo and the Mississippi University for Women, so students have access to multiple resources that are in very close proximity to TCM.

Alternative Post-Graduation Options

For those students who choose not to go the college route, we try to provide a number of viable options and guide them through the next steps. This may involve assistance with vocational training programs, such as tech school or trade school; military enlistment; or career exploration and resume building. We invite members of our community to discuss their professions and give students insight into various career paths.

TCM understands how critical transitional care coaching and support is for helping the adolescents in our care successfully transition into independent adulthood. We provide a supportive network for children and families to empower them to overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and build a bright and promising future.

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