Tracing Our Journey

In 1951, T.C. Montgomery felt a calling from God to establish a Christian home for homeless children. Determined to heed this call, he embarked on a journey to raise funds by visiting churches across Mississippi and the surrounding areas, often sacrificing his personal care and comfort. Through his tenacious efforts, T.C. Montgomery was able to purchase land in Tupelo, Mississippi, and in 1952, construction began on Montgomery Hall, the first residential home, and the Hansford Building. The Tupelo Children’s Mansion was founded in 1953, with the first two groups of children arriving within days of one another.

Over the years, TCM has grown under various leadership, expanding its facilities and programs in order to care for more children. It became officially recognized as a religious project by the United Pentecostal Church and obtained non-profit status in 1952. Throughout its history, dedicated individuals like L.J. Hosch, R.P. Kloepper, Brian Chelette, Stephen M. Drury, Marvin G. Walker, and Stephen and Erma Judd have served as superintendents, each contributing to the growth and development of TCM.

In 2023, Dr. Chad and Angela Parker were appointed as the seventh leaders of TCM, continuing its mission to provide shelter and support to children in need. Dr. Parker’s experience as a social worker and a strong, effective leader will serve to help him in his role as President, and Angela’s vast experience in church and nonprofit administration and finances makes her an excellent fit to serve as the Associate Vice President of Administration.

Tupelo Children’s Mansion is blessed to be celebrating over 70 years as a trusted institution that is dedicated to helping children needing care find shelter and support. Today, TCM stands as one of the oldest and largest residential group homes in Mississippi, offering hope and refuge to up to 120 children while representing the fulfillment of one man’s dream. Through the generous support of churches, our community, and individual donors, TCM is able to continue on with T.C. Montgomery’s calling and bring hope to the children that need it most.

Current Leaders

Dr. Chad and Angela Parker