Tupelo Children’s Mansion has offered hope through the love of Jesus Christ to orphaned or disadvantaged children since 1953.

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Over 4000 children have been cared for through the loving efforts of our staff, including trained and experienced social workers and counselors. Our other dedicated staff spans departments of administration, sponsor relations, food service, maintenance, and other support services.

Founded in 1953, our beautiful campus spans 40 acres with 27 buildings including: residence halls and staff housing, a Christian school, gymnasium, and an on-campus church.

Kids in front of Hansford Hall 2022

At a young age, Maggie knew that she and her three siblings did not live in a peaceful home.

Maggie might not be able to recall every detail, but she remembers how life felt. She might not be able to recall every word, but she remembers when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“My mom got sick very fast, and she was in and out of the hospital a lot, but my dad wasn’t there to help or take her to treatments or appointments.”

A 7-year-old little girl might not recall every detail of this season, but a heart doesn’t forget a hurt like that so easily...

Kids in front of Hansford Hall 2022

Tenney-Freeman Chapel

Tupelo Children’s Mansion is excited to announce plans for a major renovation and expansion project on our campus. Freeman Hall, which was built nearly 50 years ago, is being renovated and expanded to better serve our children.

Because of the increasing number of children in our care and anticipated growth in the near future, we have outgrown both the current chapel and small half-court gymnasium.

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