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When you sponsor a child, you will receive a new sponsor packet with a picture and details about him/her.

Once a quarter, you will also receive an updated letter and a new picture. This will help you stay in touch about the progress your sponsored child is making in school, at home, and in his/her spiritual life.

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Haven of Hope Girls' Home is a 12-month behavior modification and support program for teenage girls who are between the ages of 13 – 16.

The program is specifically structured to help girls with special behavior and emotional needs.

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Mansion Bible Quizzers Headed to Nationals!

Lastest Blog Update by Stephen Judd, TCM President & CEO (originally posted at

Mansion Bible Quizzers Headed to Nationals!

We’ve already had a very successful Bible Quizzing season at the Mansion, and it’s not over yet.

Both our Junior Bible Quiz team and our Senior Intermediate Bible Quiz team won 1st Place in the Mississippi District UPCI quizzing finals on June 3rd. These children and coaches will be participating in the North American Junior Bible Quiz Tournament in Bridgeton, Missouri and the North American Senior Bible Tournament in Indianapolis during July.

Congratulations, not only to our outstanding quizzers, but to our fabulous coaches and staff members who worked tirelessly for countless hours with our children in helping them memorize, chart, practice and review in their study and preparation. Special recognition and gratitude goes to Kathryn Slagle, TCM Quizzing Director; Melissa Desmond, Senior Head Coach; and Annette Tomlinson, Junior Head Coach.

Needless to say, I am very proud of our quizzers and coaches. They are the state champions! And when it comes to Bible Quizzing, there are no losers; everyone is a winner!