About Tupelo Children’s Mansion

Our mission is to offer hope through the love of Jesus Christ to orphaned or disadvantaged children by providing for their physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and educational needs.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to equipping these children to lead productive lives in the future by contributing to their health, security, and happiness. 

In 1951, T.C. Montgomery felt called to build a children’s home for homeless children. He began visiting churches throughout Mississippi and the region in order to raise funds to establish this home. Through tireless and self-sacrificing efforts, Montgomery finally raised enough funds to purchase a small parcel of land in Tupelo, MS, on which the first resident hall, Montgomery Hall, and Hansford Hall, now the administrative building, were built. In 1953, Tupelo Children’s Mansion was officially founded, and it is now recognized as one of the oldest and most trusted organizations of its kind. 

Through visionary leadership dedicated to our mission of bringing hope to the children that need it most, TCM has expanded exponentially the past 70 years. Our current campus spans 40 beautiful acres with 27 buildings, including: residence halls and staff housing, a Christian school, gymnasium, and an on-campus church.

Our current leaders, Stephen and Erma Judd, were elected by the TCM Board in April of 2001. Reverend Stephen Judd serves as President & CEO, and Mrs. Erma Judd serves as Executive Director. In addition to the numerous ways they have led TCM with wisdom and vision, Rev. and Mrs. Judd also founded Haven of Hope in October of 2004, which is a special program for troubled teenage girls. 

TCM is determined to provide the highest quality experience for each child that comes through our doors, regardless of their background, previous struggles, or current difficulties. Because of this, we ensure that our caregivers, including social workers, educators, and counselors, have the experience, training, and educational background to properly care for our children. Our other dedicated staff serve in the areas of Administration, Food Service, Maintenance, and various support services. 

One man’s dream has become a blossoming reality that not only lives in the heart of Mississippi, but has captured the hearts of our community, sponsors, families, and the children in our care. Through the support of sponsors, we continue to bring hope to children that need it most, because we believe that EVERY child deserves hope.